Health care compromise? Not a chance

Medicine comes up rearing its ugly head in our lives and whether or not, we have to take it so that our sickness subsides, hopefully never to return.  The pharmaceutical industry has grown into a monster for the past century, and everyone collectively feels the financial daggers from insurance and doctors that both immorally overcharge.  Sometimes I am at a loss for words when doctors, because the innocent patient doesn’t have insurance, refuses to provide his services in order to keep his bottom-line.  It is plain to see that the debacle of healthcare in the house and senate truly makes for the devil’s workshop, where men and woman cursed with idle minds only to bask in asea of cash.   Where is compromise?  It is plain to see that America’s

Politicians just care about one thing, inflating lobbyist’s agendas.

More important, it is pathetic to watch on TV the republican candidates who slither like snakes, just “getting by,” only giving precedent to their own election and all the meanwhile toying with the ideals of compromise.  Obama Care is a step in the right direction even though brainwashed conservatives hate it, where they are retaliating against the principles of ethics and defying the idea of UNIVERSAL health care.  It’s going to be a showdown for a long time to come.  Barack may be wrong about a lot of things, but he was right on target with how we as a nation, under one God, are entitled to the same medical coverage that the rich folks get.  Personally I feel strongly against the downright awful scams and debt creation that pharmaceutical companies have been plaguing their clients with, covering up the truth in all phases of affordable healthcare.  I don’t buy into the spin that FOX news presents every night about the president’s plan.  Maybe I am wrong, but from the bottom of my heart I feel like the only reason they bash Obama Care because it is not in their best interests of their rich friends.  Elitism and the Republican majority will never stop hounding president’s ideas and underdog ideology.

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