Hillary Clinton: From First Lady to Secretary Of State and Now World Bank Head?

Hillary Clinton is one of the very few American women who have done it all. She has been the first lady by default after her husband’s win, she became a Presidential hopeful until giving up against to the current president and was then the Secretary of State, a position she currently holds. If she has done all this and possible more with grace is a question open to the readers as there are as many fans of this blonde all-American former first lady as there are critics. Her race for the Presidential position not so long ago got her brickbats for less than qualified comments and gaffes and untimed laughs that made her a social media joke to some extent. However, the position she undertook also got her fans in the American women, most gay men and most feminists of the country.

Her hope of winning however was grossly overshadowed by the current President, but her loss availed her position in the top slot as the Secretary of State a position she currently holds and a position she handles with a lot of interest and enthusiasm. Enthusiasm, which sometimes results I further gaffes now at an international level. Nevertheless, after Condoleezza Rice, Hillary Clinton does more than justice to the position and established a clear cut American perspective in dealing with international agents and other countries as a part of her job profile. She makes sure that America and Americans are presented as sharp and as unrelenting in their demands they have of the world, especially when it comes to upholding the American policy in the Middle East and other and other conflict ridden nations of the world and also when it comes down to defending American-Israeli relationship, however disproportional in efforts towards its maintenance.

When it comes to upholding intimate American attitudes and beliefs in the countries policy related agendas, a record as impressive as Clinton’s makes her quite appropriate in the eyes of many lobbyists of different countries in the American Congress. This time, many are lobbying for her post as World Bank Chief which Hillary Clinton in her inimitable style gracefully declined.

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