Holiday Significance

Holidays remain a stronghold for modern society providing warmth and a reckoning to be gracious to our faith, culture and beliefs. Love revolves around these days of celebration signifying that we should all stand together united. It’s hard to dictate today what should take precedent over the other, but holidays are always a time for someone to find an inner-glow that shines in spite of stress (family turmoil, financial troubles etc.).

We all need a day of rest and relaxation so holidays serve serenity, aiding people afflicted by the heartache of living by a grueling schedule. After all, we are not robots! We all need time off from our daily routines and a chance to spend time with our children, friends or spouses. It is important for us to enjoy the fruits of our labor and “kick back” to find a sense of purpose in this hectic world. Basically put, the commemoration that takes place during holidays alters are mood for the better.

There exist national, religious and secular holidays that signify different cultural lessons. National days of historical recognition mark the turning points that changed a country’s mentality. Veterans day is an example where we pay homage to soldiers that served our country. Religious holidays are spurred by a conviction’s declaration that the day is holy and sacred due to some type of spiritual revolution that took place in the past. Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter are staple holds within America’s religious community. Secular holidays are involved with parties that desire to celebrate a particular individual, event or theme. For instance, Earth Day is celebrated to urge people to respect the environment.

Elements in a holiday that make it special for people can include feasts, presents, endowments and elaborate ceremonies. These days in the year are critical in shaping one’s perceptions about the essence of our culture. We bond during these times and bask in the levity given by the festivities. It’s a funny thing, only during these auspicious moments in time do we recognize that the world is a beautiful place with diversity and beauty. Everyday should be a holiday.

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