How the Dalai Lama Spent His New Year

Have you ever wondered what it means to be enlightened?  It is a strange concept.  Some people think that they know it all, but they are often deemed to be egotistical and full of themselves.  But do not fret, there are people in the world that are very close to being perfect in regards to the richness of his or her human spirit. For instance, consider the Dalai Lamas who over the centuries have embodied enlightened ideals that have spread like hot fire across the world.  “Dalia” means teacher and “Lama” means ocean so it is safe to say that his knowledge is vast and far superior than the normal person’s train of thought.

The current Dalai Lama is the world’s national treasure because he inspires people at his lectures and illuminates the ancient texts of Buddhist descent.  The Tibetan monk started his new year with a bang in the eastern Indian city of Bodhgaya, which is a very holy place because it is said it is where Buddha received the enlightenment that left the world with spiritual gems.  Two hundred thousand devotees have traveled to this hot bed of religious activity and intend to participate in what they call “Kalachakra Initiation.”  The Dalai Lama has been quoted saying,

“When receiving the teachings, it is important to have the correct attitude.  It is not practicing the Dharma properly to listen with the intention of gaining material advantage or reputation.  Neither should our goal be higher rebirth in the next life, nor should we be wishing only for our own liberation from samsara. These are all attitudes we should reject.  Instead, let us listen to the teachings with the determined wish to attain the state of omniscience for the sake of all beings.”

All truly spiritual men have one thing in common; their undying goal is to achieve world peace and simply promote love.  After all, there is more to life than money and working so these leaders show us how to relate to God, whatever higher power you call it, and connect with an omnipresent sense of compassion and brotherhood for our fellow man.  Fervent seekers travel the world looking for guidance from gurus of different faiths in order to attain spiritual oneness.  We all could use a dose of this bliss in an age where our spirits are dashed by terrorism, war, poverty and natural calamities.

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