How to Pick an Engagement Ring

Being engaged is one of the most exciting and pivotal points in life. Deciding that you want to spend forever with someone is a major decision and you want to culminate that experience with the perfect engagement ring. Traditionally, the person who pops the question is the person who chooses the ring. Today, many couples come together when deciding on an engagement ring and wedding ring sets. This can be a more challenging prospect, because two parties may have two different ideas on which ring is the one for their engagement.

Set a Price Range

The age-old rule has been three month’s salary for an engagement ring, but this is a hard and fast rule that does not need to be followed. Set your own budget in accordance with how much you feel comfortable paying, especially if you have an entire wedding to pay for. If you are getting married in the garden state, you will have to look for New Jersey location, New Jersey baker, and New Jersey couples photographer as well. You do not want to run out on the New Jersey engagement ring, especially since upgrading is always an option. Look for stones and settings within this budget to get an idea of what your money will buy you.

Choosing a Jewel and Cut

Most often, engagement rings are diamonds, though couples may select another precious stone as the centerpiece for the ring. The jewel and cut should be selected first, as the setting and ring will have to properly accommodate and complement this setting. When choosing a diamond, remember the four C’s. These are cut, color, clarity, and carat. As a rule, the most people want the best cut, the clearest diamond and clarity, along with the most carats for the cash. Research the stone that you want to see is available in your price range.

Purchasing a loose diamond on its own can be one way to save money and make sure that you get exactly what you want. Your ring maker can concentrate on giving you a flawlessly cut diamond and you can worry about the setting and ring later.

Pick a Proper Setting and Ring

The setting of the diamond is not only for show, it is to make sure that the diamond is properly secured onto the ring. The jewel setting will largely depend on the type of cut that you have. There are a number of settings to choose from, including prongs, bars, and invisible settings. How the setting looks will determine the overall look of the ring. Settings may also determine how large or small the band can be. It is best to choose a setting sooner, rather than later.

Choose the Engagement Band

The metal for the engagement ring band has just as much variety as the stone. Metals such a gold, platinum, titanium, and white gold are popular engagement band purchases. Choose the engagement ring band with the wedding rings in mind. The engagement ring and the wedding bands should match, as they will be worn together. Since the engagement ring will be worn regularly, it is also a good idea to choose an overall ring that can match a variety of outfits without clashing.

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