How to Save Money and Have a Memorable Day?

Being one of the famous and popular holydays in the world Valentine’s Day is interestingly not accepted as a holyday by the government and for this occasion no one gets the day off.  In this connection it resembles to Halloween.

However as it is mentioned by the U.S. Greeting Card Association each year over 1 billion cards are sent for Valentine’s Day. According to the average data American men spend $157 on their sweethearts on Valentine’s Day and typically women spend $85; however spending more doesn’t make the day more special and more   memorable.

Creativity is the best solution in any situation. The more creative you are the more money you will save. So that before deciding what to buy try to think about something original and celebrate the day in a more meaningful way.

How to save money and celebrate Valentine’s Day in a meaningful way?

  • Avoid buying gifts and try to spend your time and money on making nice memories. Think about such things that you have never tried before. Love is a spiritual value, an emotional and psychological wholeness which is not based on materialistic features. For your beloved it would be brilliant to spend some interesting and romantic hours with you than just seat and eat in some restaurant. Remember that real love is not about what present you will give your beloved, it’s about the time, attention and feelings that you show. And none of those mentioned things can be bought. So that giving all your time to your beloved is a very romantic gesture. Let the day be about the two of you together sharing dreams and hopes for the future.
  • Create gifts by your own. Now let’s try to compare which one is much better the one that you buy in the shop or the one that is homemade. As for me the second one is more meaningful. Why do I say more meaningful? Because whatever is sold in shops are of course done perfectly but they are standard gifts. Let’s take a card for example. Whenever you make it yourself you have an opportunity to write about your feelings and your wishes, i.e. open your heart and soul. There are people who can’t wholly and truly express their feelings orally whereas they become great poets while starting to write down about their love and emotions. Therefore if you belong to that type it will be much better for you to take advantage of this way of congratulating. Besides it will become a valuable gift for him as you cared about and devoted much time to create it, and the most important of all you have done it specifically for him. As the time goes on the card will be kept for considerably long years and become an exciting memory.  Though I just brought an example of card you can in the same make other gifts too, like draw a nice picture, if you are a gardener give some beautiful plant from the garden, if you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you can just  give a fully guided walk, etc.
  • Exchange sweet gifts that have great meaning in themselves. The item does not to be expensive; it just should be something that will remind you both of one another for some concrete reason or occasion. It should arouse certain emotions and recall some experience that you two have had together.
  • Turn the day into a special evening. You can make a unique meal for you together and enjoy your interesting innovation together.  You can use ingredients you have at your disposal and look through the Internet recipes which will help you prepare something you haven’t tried before. Another interesting way of celebrating would be to serve anything that is red and heart shaped like toast with strawberry jelly, heart shaped pizza with tomato sauce, red frosted cookies, red apples, Jello, etc. This will have a great effect.

Finally, show how much you love each other and simply repeat “I love you”. These words do not cost anything; however they say and mean a great deal. The honesty and real feelings cannot be cheap or expensive, they are what help manhood survive and form the meaning of life.

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As an experienced content writer Anahit appreciates the unique style and original way of writing. Each article should be expressed in such a way that you can listen to “the voice of author”.   This is actually what she takes into consideration while creating content. The domain in which she is interested and therefore writes articles is Finance. Though there are a number of modern ways of investing money in the given article she offered you to invest money by spending less.

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