How Your Job Makes You Fat, Sick and Stressed Out

Have you ever thought that your job is making you sick, stressed or even kill you young?  It all happens in America.

Over the last 40 years, America has seen a lot of changes in its workspaces. With the invasion of computer occupying work desk leading to people sitting more and with less or no exercise we are finding new ways of getting stressed out and getting obese at the same time.

Americans being hard working, 80% of them report to work daily though it heightens the risk of packing pounds, high heart problems and dying young. In simple terms, you work hard to kill yourself.

Is your job killing you? Some facts that may shock you

- 292 million Americans do not get the minimum level of exercise for good    health
- Americans used to burn 140 more  calories a day than what they do now
- This adds to average 14.6 pounds weight gain per year
- In the 1960s, 50% of jobs needed physical activity, which is now less than 20%
- People with sedentary jobs are twice as likely to die from heart disease
- Sitting before a computer burns just 1 calorie per minute
- Three out of four Americans say work is stressful
- 1 million workers take off from work every day due to stress related sickness
- Workplace stress costs employers $200 billion per year

Facts that will make you think

When you sit at your computer and work, the electrical activity in your legs stop and there is a drop of 90% in fat reducing enzymes. People who sit all day at work, are twice more likely to develop a cardiovascular disease than who stand. There were 9,279 urgent cases of computer related injuries in 2009. The average office keyboard has five times the amount of germs than a public toilet.

That is not all. 42% of workers say that verbal abuse and yelling is common in their workplace. 10% people have been in an environment where there has been physical violence due to stress.

Here are few things than can help.

  • Stand and stretch a bit in between work.
  • Walk around your block now and then.
  • Stay active even after work.
  • For every hour you cut watching TV, your lifetime increases by 11%.
  • Keep your hand sanitized and wash them regularly.

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