In-spite of Election results, Greece stands on knife’s edge

Greeks who have been caught up in the wave of austerity breathed a huge sigh of relief as they voted to show the World about their intention to stay in the Euro. However, the signs are all not positive, it would take a herculean task for the newly elected government to solve the problems and get the economy back on its feet.

The people of Greece are optimistic and euphoric about the election results. This gives the public some breathing space after the mayhem that has surrounded the nation over the past few months and the possibility of exiting the Euro.

The conservatives who’ve received the vote of confidence from the people of Greece will go forward with the bailout deal under which the European Union (EU) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) have demanded punishing austerity policies.

The second election in the last two months was held in the fear of the poll going either way. The people of Greece have been largely polarized in their opinions and it could have been anybody’s game. People have been torn between the opinions, where people have been willing to go to any lengths of austerity to ensure sure Greece’s place in the Euro, whereas on the contrary, another section of people have backed the leftist SYRIZA party who have been averse to the idea of a bailout. The former ideology seems to have sufficed.

The race that kept people interested till the end saw the New Democracy party inch ahead of SYRIZA and talks are already on for the formation of a collation government involving the Socialist PASOK party. The two parties that will wield power are the same parties that have ruled the country over the past few decades and led the nation to an economic standstill.
There is very little optimism among the youth of the nation. “Anyone who thinks the elections will change anything is only deluding themselves,” said Roubini Liakopoulou, a 21-year-old physics student. Twenty-one year-old Iliana Sofianou said “I think the new government will last six months maximum. Things will deteriorate because they will not change the bailout deal,”

The nation stands at a cross roads and has definitely reached a breaking point, what transpires now will decide the fate of Greece for years to come.

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