Incessant Bombing and bloodshed in Syria

Marie ColvinThe bloodshed continues in Syria with incessant shelling on civilian areas by government forces bent on destroying the rebel movement against President Bashar al-Assad, killing two prominent journalists, Marie Colvin from the U.S. and Remi Ochlik from France. This comes less than a week after New York Times correspondent Anthony Shadid died of an apparent asthma attach in northern Syria and well known opposition journalist Rami al-Sayed was killed in Homs.

These most recent deaths occurred when a house in the Baba Amr area of Homs that was being used by journalists was shelled. It is believed that 10 other people were also killed and 3 other journalists injured by the shelling. Ms. Marie Colvin was a reporter for a British publication the Sunday Times and has over 20 years of experience reporting from war torn areas around the world. She is one of the most respected war correspondents who was dedicated and fearless in her quest to bring the atrocities of war to the notice of the larger world. She only grew stronger in her commitment towards reporting from dangerous places after losing one eye to shrapnel during the conflict in Sri Lanka in 2001.

Remi Ochlik at 28 was an award winning French photojournalist who shot to fame for his coverage of the unrest in Haiti in 2004, when he was only 20. He was one of the brightest new faces in the field of photojournalism and has most recently won awards for his coverage of the Libyan uprising, using his images to move tell the stories of the turmoil and helplessness of innocents caught up in war.

President Assad, one of the most ruthless of dictators in the middle east, who has been quite heavy handed these last few weeks trying to hold on to power with the might of the armed forces behind him. He has closed off the country to most journalists and it seems almost as if he is ruthlessly targeting those few who are telling the civilians side of the story.

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