Integration with Face book through five powerful strategies

Facebook, a powerful social networking site launched on February-4, 2004 as a free access website. Face book can now be used to integrate most of the nonprofit events that helps in connecting with the supporters and potential donors. It is quite important for nonprofits, to embrace social media networks and tapping their powerful tools to connect with the communities they serve.  By using these tools, the nonprofits are attracting volunteers, donations, media coverage and employees.

Face book with over 150 million users and half of which use Facebook every day is a perfect playing ground for non profits due to the fact that the etiquettes and ethos of the social media sphere is perfect match for nonprofits.  There are five ways by which as a non profits, can integrate Facebook into their events.  These five powerful strategies are discussed as mentioned below:

  • Using Facebook events- The main marketing tool on Facebook is its’ Facebook page. When logging in as a user it is necessary to create a Facebook Event for each and every upcoming event. Each page created by the concerned user gets pushed into the users Page news feed but unlike a status update or photo, the Facebook Events- each have their own separate Page information about the event, a list of attendees who are invited, declined or going, and even a wall where the user can engage with the people called on for the event.  Facebook Events can be treated as an additional outpost for engagement between potential attendees, and the organization.

  • Talking about it before the Event-  It is not a bad idea to do an initial promotion of the event to core supporters of the event who are almost guaranteed to attend because Face book Events displays a list of who is attending and that offers a chance to the people to attend an event or not.  Promoting the event makes it more attractive as it pushes it beyond the limits of its core supporters.  It is better to talk about the event on the Facebook well in advance by asking who is attending, sharing pictures related to the event and even requesting questions. Emails can also be sent before each event. Providing access to Sharing Buttons on event registration pages to the visitors to share the event with their Facebook friends before and after they register is the other method that can be used before the event.
  • Talk about it during the Event – Thinking about the people who have made their valuable time and efforts to physically show up and supporting the cause can be reciprocated by using signage, sharing comments, showing posts by others, and encouraging post event actions on the page.
  • Follow up with attendees after the event – The other important strategy to be followed by nonprofits is to follow up with the attendees after the event as this can potentially make the attendees feel that the event was not about money raised. Posting photos of the events on the Facebook page and thanking all of the attendees who made it a success will help in boosting the image of the nonprofits.
  • Reconnecting on email and facebook – Requesting the Facebook fans and email subscribers to post their photos on the concerned nonprofits page and tagging their friends provides an additional opportunity in creating awareness about the organization.

The above mentioned five strategies if followed diligently will help in the promotion of nonprofit events.

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