Is Coffee Good or Bad?

Anything that is done in excess like eating, drinking (intoxicating substances), sitting or any other usual human activity that we may do in our day to day life might lead to detrimental effects on our health. A few years ago, we used to hear about the ill-effects of coffee that it adversely affects out heart and might lead to various other detrimental effects on our health and harm our overall well-being, if consumed in excess. It was also believed that too much consumption of coffee also resulted in the patient having aggravated nerves and also develops ulcers.

But according to the latest studies conducted by scientists, the merits of drinking coffee are being taken into consideration. Although the excessive consumption of coffee still remains a hazard and should be avoided, many good effects of coffee have been unveiled. There are some merits of drinking coffee but not to the extent that doctors may encourage their patients to go out and consume excess amounts of coffee. They doctors still advice people to consume coffee in moderation and caution them from excessive consumption. The studies conducted are trying to change the people’s perspective about coffee, based on facts and truths about caffeine and its consumption. It was noticed over a period of 20 years in a group of people that consuming 6 cups of coffee (which contains 100mg caffeine per 8oz cup) did not result in any medical problem like cancer or any other cardiovascular diseases.

Hence after seeing the result from the research, it can be claimed that moderate coffee consumption does not affect human health adversely. But it is also to be noticed that majority of coffee consumers are people who are physically inactive and are also into the habit of smoking are more likely to develop health problems. Maybe this was the reason that coffee had earned a bad name for itself. The merits of coffee may also help people in being away from type2 diabetes according to the study conducted by researchers. It also reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by 65%. There are a lot more merits related to coffee consumption apart from those mentioned. But the main thing one has to keep in mind is that moderation is the key to utilize a bounty like coffee to our benefit.

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