It’s time to add the enemies

People generally create accounts and log in to Facebook to stay in touch with friends and to make new ones. That agenda is about to make a little shift.

One of the developers of Facebook felt the social networking site was too cheerful and bright. And that led him to creating a new App, which from the response it has garnered looks like just the new ebb Facebook needs. If stalking your friends and exes was your thing to do, there is now another way to keep track of your enemies. Or are you the kind that hates all the new trends and a cynic who wanted to cry out loud? Here is the thing just for you.

Dean Terry created the app called EnemyGraph that will let Facebook users name their enemies. It’s a free app that was launched earlier this month by a team headed by Terry. A person, group, company, anything could be named as an enemy. If that message does not seem strong enough, the enemy could be upgraded to an archenemy. Hate the timeline too much? Just go make it your enemy and declare war for the world to see.

Don’t want the world to see? Facebook has privacy options too. You can let the whole world see or just a group of friends or just share that sweet news with the person you hate. Don’t like something? Share it like everything else. Don’t like people sharing everything? Make them your enemy and give a hint.

Terry did say this goes against the basic principle on which Facebook is based. But he also said that people bond over things other than just their likes. Sometimes what people dislike could bring them together. Ganging up on a common enemy is an age old tradition. He says one person’s likes which will be another person’s dislike are good conversation starters.

This was a surprise for Facebook users who have been pushing for a dislike button. In the short span that the app has been in use, Justin Beiber has yet again emerged on the top. Up there with him are McDonald’s, fake tans and God.

Following the trend of showing off besties and boyfriends, there might just be a new one of showing your enemies off.

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