Jobless Claims Declining in America: Is Omaba Finally Delivering On His Campaign Promise?

Jobless claims in America dropped drastically in December last year as reports of 200,000 new jobs being added also surfaced in the media. The economic turmoil of 2008-2009 had left a bitter aftertaste with Obama’s election to the presidential office especially after his high hopes of job creation and curtailment of off shoring of jobs. However, with most companies becoming financially buoyant due to stimulus and a changed perspective of management during crisis, the job situation is looking bright and America seems to be headed ‘in the right direction’ to exactly quote Mr. Obama in this context.

After a wave of positive media reports about increased consumer confidence and increased production, the news about drop in jobless claims had had a healing effect on the bruised American conscience which needed a boost for a sustainable recovery out of the crisis created by unnecessary wars outside the country. With job creation and economic recovery becoming the only bone of contention for Obama’s re-election while GOP candidature is being decided by the country, many of his supporters would say Obama is finally delivering all his campaign promises including evacuation of troops from the Middle Eastern war torn countries.

However, many would disagree, especially those who don’t have a job yet or those who don’t like the job they’re in because of being overqualified for the position. Many analysts would say that being in a job that doesn’t pay well and is not based upon a person’s qualification might in fact do more harm than good, impacting people psychologically and later on the country economically yet again. Although many jobless claims have been withdrawn, most of them are happy to have a job even if it is an ‘odd-job’ or a temporary position offered by companies who slashed jobs without regard or hope of a future recovery and are now in need of employees. The opinion that as long as the economy sustainable recovers in a reliable manner with all inclusive growth besides job creation, only then can Obama’s candidature be considered worthwhile for a second term.  Considering the current American rage against the 1% that currently lobbies for Obama and will do so again for the next American president, the promise of fairness and economic equality seems to remain undeliverable by anyone who assumes the presidential chair in America.


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