Justin Bieber is back with “Believe”

The runaway pop sensation Justin Bieber is back with his new album, supposedly revealing a grown up side to the young singer. Beiber has gained a mass following across the World with his baby like charm and innocent love songs.

The new album is a sequel to his debut album “My World 2.0” – the album is also keenly followed by the music industry to figure out if the teen who found fame as a YouTube star is just a flash in the pan or if he’s here to stay.

Bieber was discovered as a thirteen year old kid with the talent to sing. Over the years, his popularity has grown immensely and has risen to be one of the prominent teen idols of the last decade. His popularity can be easily deciphered by his 23 million Twitter followers and the 44 million fans on Facebook. However, with stardom comes the added pressure of the paparazzi – that too at young age. He has quite literally grown under the public eye.

His personal relationship with 19-year old Disney channel star Selena Gomez has been widely reported and written about. If the constant scrutiny was not enough, then came the allegation that he had fathered a child of 20-year Mariah Yeater, who alleges that the incident occurred backstage during a show. Bieber has however vehemently rejected the allegation and gone to court.

Mike Posner, the producer of the album has previously worked with Bieber on the debut single “Boyfriend”. He says that the album will obviously project a grown up Bieber, but not entirely. “I wanted to make songs that were reflective of who Justin was when I met him in the studio, not when he was 13. We’re not trying to grow him up too much because he’s not 25, he’s 18, but he’s a young man that’s living life and having fun, and the music reflects that,”

The Bieber phenomenon has also given rise to a whole new level of hate against the young star from critics and others alike. Bieber is also different from the fact that his career took wings on YouTube rather than regular platforms like Disney or Nickelodeon, which have thrown up quite a few child stars who have grown up to be superstars. Whether Bieber will make that transformation is something we’ll have to wait and see.

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