Katy Perry Will Set the Stage on Fire at This Years Grammys and So Will Adele

Last year the British sensation and a Grammy award winner herself, Katy Perry scorched the stage at Grammys when she performed scintillatingly singing Not like the Movies and Teenage dream. However, the background screen played the footage of her wedding with now estranged husband Russel Brand. This year, what could it be? Nevertheless with her short listing to the already impressive list of singers, performer and presenters, this year’s Grammys are bound to become the event to watch out for.

The news was announced on February 1 when the nominee of Record of the Year and Best Solo Pop Performance is one of the performers at the big music event which has had impressive line-up. The major speculation and media interest will be focused on Katy’s performance and comparisons will occur with her previous year’s performance. Judging how she performs people is expecting to estimate the extent to which her second estrangement has affected her life and ability to get on with life. Previously married to Petre Andre, Katy Perry after facing a second divorce is now speculated to be dating someone new.

The Grammys line-up has always drawn huge interest from media and fans alike and this year’s line-up will be an interesting one as Adele will make her first public appearance since her throat surgery. In as much as her fans would have gone crazy just to see her on stage, Adele has been confirmed to be performing too. A nominee in no less than 6 categories for the most coveted award for musical talent, Adele will be performing on her record breaking and largely loved songs. Not just that, rumors galore that Adele’s would be the opening act. The news spread like wildfire when Adele tweeted to her fans with the news that she’s be performing at Grammys. The tone of her tweet was sprightly and it seemed as though Adele was up and about after her much talked about throat surgery that had her fans on the edge especially after being considered as a versatile artist by even her critics.

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