Laser surgery brings hope of faster cataract removal and faster recovery

In an age where people are bound by tight time schedules and lives that revolve around work and children. Many of us may not be in a position to spend time recovering from something which can be avoided. Eye surgery recovery and the surgery itself used to take a lot of time keeping people off work and off of life. While its provided people forced respite from the daily and monotonous schedules, they’d rather have enjoyed a well deserved break at an exotic location rather than at home and in bed or worse still in a hospital bed. Now, with changing times and technology that has helped shape our lives so drastically, it is possible to get up and about our daily routines without neglecting pressing health issues like cataract.

Cataract affects more than 20 million Americans and is said to rise in number to more than 30 million by 2020. The condition if untreated can cause loss of vision and eyesight. Cataract is a condition that is caused by clouding of the lens which impairs vision. In a rough description, it can be compared to wearing foggy glasses. The only difference is that you cannot simply wipe off these glasses but need to undergo surgery. Cataract surgery used to take anything between half hour to hour and a half depending on the patients age and the severity of the condition. However, that has changed since laser is being used in eye surgeries. Laser has been successfully used in helping people get rid of their glasses by reshaping the lens to alter a condition like myopia. Now, laser technology is rendering reductions in surgery times for cataract removal too.

A special device called femtosecond laser makes precise and measured incisions on the eyeball opens up the lens and creates three small quadrants of the lens. These being the major and most critical steps in the cataract surgery, the rest are of the steps include simple cleaning of the foggy lens.  Surgeries like these are getting cheaper by the day and helping people like Mike Musiker help see better than they have ever before.

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