Learn Touch Typing With Google Chrome

If you work with texts much, or writing for websites or blogs is your hobby, you’d probably like to improve your typing skills and learn touch typing finally! Well, if you are a user of Google Chrome browser, you will have some assistants here. Some of them are based on serious approach and systematic trainings, and other ones – on solving tasks in the form of a game. But the most important thing is that all these plug-ins and applications work the same for Windows, Mac and Linux, because all of them are possible to open right in your favorite browser.

We would like to represent you four exciting applications for your Google Chrome browser that are able to teach you touch typing fast. The process of learning can be really fun! The only thing left to do is to choose the one application that fits you most. Or take all of them. Why not?

Typing Club

This cool application for your browser will help you learn touch typing fast. Even the smallest details are taken into account here: there are a system of authorization and recording your progress in learning. This authorization becomes possible with the help of Gmail. Typing Club’s users also have an access to different tutorials and classes for “students” to learn all touch typing techniques for free.

Type Scout

This application is a professional quality product to work with text and learn a speed dial in schools and colleges, though you can also use it individually. Type Scout will remind you a game, and it is very easy and pleasant to use. Even if you are new to all this stuff, its user-friendly interface will help you get an idea and learn touch typing with pleasure.

Nitro Type

This is another exciting game application for those who want to learn fast typing on his laptop. Perhaps, it can be called one of the best choices for a beginner. In addition, there is a possibility of some kind of “competition” with other participants, who are online at this moment. All these nuances make Nitro Type a really exciting typing experience.


Z-Type is a gaming application for learning fast typing. There are two levels of difficulty here, depending on your skills, as well as sound effects and music to make the process of study more pleasant. Anyway, the music can be turned off, if you want.

These cool applications are your chance to learn something new and get new skills without any boring textbooks or instructions. Learn with pleasure!

By Alex Strike, an employee of essay writing services website. Alex is interested in all innovative techs, and all gadgets that can help students study better.

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