Let the Games Begin!!

The countdown to the London Olympic Games has begun with the builders having handed over the Olympic Village to the London 2012 Organizers. It is now time to begin the huge process of installing essential facilities and services to get the village ready to host Olympic competitors.

Just as thousands of sports persons around the world are getting ready to attend these Olympic Games as a culmination of years of hard work and many ups and downs, the Olympic Village is the result of years of hard work and collaborative effort in the face of a harsh economic climate. Originally the developer Lend Lease was to raise the funding privately to build the village but as a result of the economic perils of 2008, the Government decided to step in and foot the bill which is reported to be about $1.6 Billion. It is expected that they will not be able to recoup their investment, but hoped that the boost to the economy will be worth this outflow from the governments’ exchequer.

The Olympic Village is a huge housing complex with about 2800 apartments within walking distance of the stadium in Ease London. About 1400 of these apartments have been sold in 2009 for $400Million, and will be rented by local governments for subsidized housing. The rest were sold to a consortium that includes the Qatari Government, as part of an $800Million deal to own and manage the entire village which will be named the Ease Village and turned over to renters and owners after the Olympics.

In the run up to the games the organizers are in the process of outfitting the rooms to offer the competitors comfortable, well appointed accommodation. The rooms are being equipped with the first batch of 16,000 beds that have been delivered, which will be joined by 11,000 sofas and even 5,000 toilet brushes.

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