Life after Death

Life after DeathAn illegal hold when one passes in a brutal fray is the evil hold that harasses a funeral’s play.  The discussion should not be about a hymnal heaven, but a concussion to the clout of a sinful seven.  Their licks pest those observant to the procession and tests burdened confession.Cries to our Father to bless the dead in the casket are wise as long as we applaud the goner’s arrest of misled facets.  The majesty’s compassion is evident in scripture, but so his gravity or fashion to cement a fixture of truth and logic.  A celebration should be read about the deceased’s venerable leads on a booth laced with order, but where is the condemnation ofthe dead’s lease of regrettable deeds? This tooth-faced quarter flirts and is lent to reverence as well as criticism, sowing births of hell bent severance and coining Christian romanticism.

There is a flip side to this religious cliché, not a rip tide but solicitous ray that judges the Holy Spirit’s grudges.  When caustic disaster of cardinal enlightenment by bombastic pastor’s barnacles is beseeched, this tyrant wields a trident to fork Buddha’s road for the deceased Christian’s life after death.  Ignoring reincarnation is a preacher man’s insolence, abhorring the exploration that creatures serve as a Christian penance.  Disobedience to this satirical purgatory and sabbatical story is the reverend’s grievance and falter, which he should amend at the altar from now on.  The mourning who lovedtheir defamed, abortedrelation need to reason with vile heresy because courting above is a fair God that has already blamed and sorted the Illuminati’s damnation that are on trial for Christian conspiracy.

Persists is this torturous injustice and juriesshould resist atrocious reverence to a Bible’s worries.  The raving plight of a church’s corn or karmais attaining a flight from the perch of re-born dogma.  What brews is a spiritual bond to be understood as the new crucible’s wand thatis wooed.  The stupid of the past who are now in grave positions were cupids with craft’s to plow enslaved perdition that God will smite.  His burnt retaliation allows an emergence of revolutionaryendeavor, a wiz for the current generation who abounds with heavenly service to the weary who never had his guidance.  It is sinisterthat the churchgoerwas robbed as their minister would crow and laud a secret Catholic agenda.  Dancing around diving common sense was his pranking, acting as Rome’s clown and thriving as a sovereign crest of scheme.  Is this Life after Death?  Good riddance!

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