Lionel Messi for Ballon D’ or Award for a Hattrick

In the game of soccer or football or whatever it is called across the world, there are some names that have left their indelible mark in the minds of their fans and on the pages of worldclass sporting history. Maradonna and Pele started the tradition of showmanship garnering emotional support from sport lovers who idolized them to great extents and still do. The madness and euphoria is seldom witnessed in any other sport as it is in soccer and the rivalries can break families and friends apart as loyalties to a footballer are oftentimes more important to these crazed and enthusiastic lovers of the sport and its sportsman than their ties of blood.

Lionel Messi has created a fan following because of his performance and his passion for soccer. His unparalleled dedication on the field and off it is exemplary with fellow players looking up to his dedication as a source of inspiration. Fans of this young footballer are possibly the loyalists that can spare no one for speaking against Messi and take up personal rivalries to dangerous extremes on Messi’s sake. Crazy you think? Perhaps you have seen nothing yet until you’ve seen Messi’s fans when he’s on the field in his best form. It is then no doubt that many accolades have been accumulated by this Argentinean who is full of energy and has had his best records made in 2011. His soccer career has been on a three year high since 2009 and having won the prestigious Ballon d’Or award in 2009 and 2010, Messi has yet again proven his mettle on the field through his power packed 2011 performance against Manchester United in the Champions league in which he was justifiably named the Man of the Match.

Messi has a high chance of winning the prestigious honor for a third time in a row which will make him the only player to do so. His contemporaries vying for the same honor are Xavi from his own team and Cristiano Ronaldo, the Casanova of the world of football. The honor is highly desirable because it is conferred based on votes that come from the coaches and captains of international teams as well as from journalists.

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