Living a life in Balance

You might be surprised to realize the very real impact hormones have on each and every one of us. They regulate a vast number of our body’s functions and have a surprising say on our moods, and our overall health. If you hormones are imbalanced you may feel depressed and lethargic and at a deeper level out of whack hormones can have an adverse effect on your physical wellbeing.

Take a look at the huge role just two of these hormones have on our bodies, estrogen and testosterone are well known as the sex hormones. Most of us do not realize the larger role they play on the day to day functioning of our bodies. Both men and women have these hormones, but at different levels flowing through their blood. Estrogen apart from playing the starring role in female reproduction also ensures that women’s good cholesterol remains high(thus also lowering bad cholesterol) so that most women with normal levels of estrogen have a lower chance of heart attacks during their child bearing years then men do. As women age and hit menopause their risk of developing cholesterol issues and heart ailments increases substantially.

Another common hormonal imbalance that has wide ranging consequences is that of the Thyroid hormone. This hormone interacts with all the other hormones to help keep them balanced, thus a problem with this hormone will affect many systems in the body.

The key to good health is often not found by looking at and treating an isolated problem but the body as a whole, your heart problems stem from high blood pressure and high cholesterol that are in turn because of a hormonal imbalance. One of the latest treatments for polycystic ovaries is a drug that controls the insulin levels in the blood, as high levels of insulin seem to cause this disorder.

So when your body signals that it is in distress ensure that you get your doctor to check more than the obvious culprits. Get your hormonal levels checked out as well; as the best way to get healthy is to treat the cause and not just the symptoms.

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