London gears up for Olympics 2012

London gears up for Olympics 2012The 100 days countdown leading up to the Olympics 2012 has begun. What a better way to do that than have celebrations across the world?

Sebastian Coe helped by the organizing committee planted 40 oak trees that will be spread throughout the country as recognition of Britain’s role in the Olympic movement. These trees are symbolic as they are grown from acorns of the trees that were planted in 1890 by the founder, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, at the Much Wenlock Games.

Throughout the country, the marks of the games have been made. Olympic rings created with flowers, sandcastle featuring the rings have been built at the venue of sailing. At the beach volleyball venue, 250 guardsmen formed the figure 100.

It’s not just UK that is being painted with the colors of the five rings but other parts of the globe get their share of the celebrations too. There are many such things planned at places including Times Square, New York, Palestine, New Zealand and Socchi. This is the third time London will be hosting the grand event. The first two editions were in 1908 and 1948. The government ministers, Organizing Committee and the others involved have remained excited about the third games.

Security questions have been raised since the suicide bombers attacked buses and trains and killed 52 people on July 6th 2005. It was the day London was awarded the games. Olympics Minister Hugh Robertson said that terrorism will be a threat to any major country. He also assured that a good amount of the budget has been set aside to deal with the issue and that he will deliver safe and secure games. The United Kingdom travel bans and European Union travel bans remain will apply. UK is being very cautious about who is attending these Games.

Aside from national security, questions about strikes affecting the games have been raised. But, Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt said that “I don’t think the unions will want to be on the wrong side of public opinion on that. So we are confident where there are industrial disputes to negotiate in good faith with the unions and we are confident in the end they will want to do the right thing.”

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