Love Conquers All

When I think back on my experience about something special called love, I realize now it is one heck of a euphoric feeling.  Love takes many forms in our daily lives.  There is the simple love that children exhibit towards their parents, love between a man and a woman who want to be soul mates, and then there is a unique type of love called friendship or more specifically camaraderie.  Love heals, delivers the truth and can sporadically blossom in a blessed fashion.  In the real world we have to worry about bills, car notes, grocery money etc. but the one thing that is always free for successful individuals and should be regarded as priceless is the blessed emotion of “amour.”  It heals people from the inside out.  When you have admiration for another person on any level, there is a buzz in the air.  There are many people who regard love as something that is very hard to find in this day and age which has given way to numerous dating sites, which is a noble endeavor for someone who doesn’t want to go a date with just anybody, but a serious contender to his or her heart.  Why waste time with someone you are not compatible with?

It is worth mentioning that a special type of love exists in children.

Innocence is precious, and when that is combined with good care and support, kids truly become masters of love, illuminating us parents.

That’s why we have children in the first place, because we want to surround ourselves with entities that grant enjoyment and more importantly, exist and reside in an absence of resentment or hatred.

For the lucky ones, a mother’s special love is infinite.  She might scold, discipline but her most important job is to prompt the noble blessing of her child’s quest for self-realization.  Why you might ask?  Well it is because even though she loves her baby boy or girl, she cares too much to see him or her fail in life in the real world.  This leads to the conclusion that special love is pain.  Love can hurdle over anything when utilized as a decision maker for important matters.


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