Madonna on a High with a Movie and Latest Music Album Lined Up For Release

Madonna is one the most successful artists in America and indeed much loved too. She has exercised the range of her talents to make a career that echoes the same range. Her progression from a singer to a actor and now to making movies has allowed her become more vocal about what she does and why she does it. Madonna’s career is one of the greatest ones and can be likened with those of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Priestly. Having tasted success and beyond through singing and performing and then later acting in movies, Madonna’s latest attempt is W.E., a movie that focused on the most controversial romance of the last century. W.E. tells the story of Wallis Simpson and Prince Edward of England and retells the passion and how it started in the first place and also how it ended. The movie takes a different and possibly more controversial view of the romance between a royal and a commoner and is bound to raise a few eyebrows in England.

Although the subject of the movie has been explored in The King’s Speech earlier, W.E. intends to portray the more realistic side of the romance and love between Wallis and Edward which lead him to abdicate the throne and her to accept the wrath of a nation, all for the sake of love. Madonna’s is co-producing and directing the movie whose theme she’s intensely familiar with: Love. All through her singing and performing career, she has made fortune out of an emotion she believes is the ultimate. Already planning her dream movie about a ousted aristocrat in the 19th century and her love for a Bedouin, Madonna is charged as ever for her movies and albums and tours. Decades later her popularity soured, Madonna is as busy as ever.

W.E. will decide her Madonna’s future projects in Hollywood and the success of the movie will set the stage for her to continue on living the dream and making serious tangible planns for her next one. We wish her the best of luck!

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