Manny Pacquiao decides two to three years left to quit

Manny Pacquiao, the Filipino professional boxer and eight division world champion believes that he has still two to three years fighting left before he plans to quit the sport but still retaining the hopes of securing a bout with Foud Mayweather Jr. who is an American professional boxer currently undefeated as a professional and holding a five division world champion. The two straight defeats, the second one a brutal sixth round knock out by old foe Juan Manuel Marquez in December, prompted sport enthusiasts and critics to suggest retirement for this 34-year old Filipino.

Manny Pacquiao is scheduled to take on Brandon Rios at the 147 lbs in November at Macau in China. In his 61 professional contests, Pacquiao has lost five times apart from the knockout loss to Juan Manuel Marquez and to the Bradley loss. Manny was knocked out in his 12th and 28th fight as well as unanimous decision loss to Erik Morales in 2005. The 27 years old Brandon Rios is an aggressive former lightweight world champion well known, as “Bam Bam” will provide a stern test for Pacquiao even though he lacks the box office numbers that a fifth bout with Marquez or a first with Mayweather could bring in.

Pacquiao informed that his mother, three years ago had given her blessing for him to fight once more and now he may continue to fight for two to three years more. Pacquiao amassed a 54-5-2 record with 38 knockouts. Pacquiao whose power punching from both hands and lightening speed helped him to win titles from flyweight through to light middleweight said he had trained everyday ever since Marquez defeated him and that his body was addicted to exercise. Pacquiao has experienced the set back of being knocked out earlier in his career and this is not a new entity for him as he had overcome one of the boxing disasters before, to consummately lose and then to start again.

It is assumed that Manny has been through this challenge before therefore he already posses the qualities to make a successful return once again. However, Buboy Fernandez, trainer of Manny thinks his best friend should consider retiring if he cannot perform well against the younger Mexican-American Brandon in their fight and he further clarified that he couldn’t stand to see his best friend to get hurt or badly bruised in a fight this November. For him, Manny had already proved that he is the best boxer in the world.

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