Marilyn to come back as a hologram

Hollywood has churned many icons through the years – actors and singers; countless sex symbols have come and gone. But none could match what Marilyn Monroe created and held. Even today her smile, her blond hair and that historic black and white picture of her over the subway from the Seven Year Itch remains popular.

Marilyn’s real life story itself is worthy of a Hollywood script. She went from being the helpless child in a series of foster homes to the most famous sex symbol of all times. Biographers and psychologists have said that her mentally unstable mother and the abusive experiences she went through in her childhood were responsible for the kind of adult she became.   In her brief lifetime, she changed careers, married three men and became the sexiest woman of her time.

As Norma Baker she married James Dougherty at the age of sixteen. When he left for war she began working for Radioplane Munitions Factory. It was there where David Conover discovered how this woman looked through the lens. He encouraged her to apply to a modeling agency and she was hired.

From a very young age, she admired Jean Harlow and Lana Turner. Soon from a successful model, she turned in to an actress. She dyed her hair, changed her name and eventually became a timeless beauty.

How true the last statement is that, now Marilyn Monroe will return to stage in all her glory. Before you make any macabre assumptions, she will come back only as a hologram. Just like Tupac did, at the Coachella concert.

Digicon Media, will bring Marilyn back to stage using the same technique. Virtual Marilyn Live — A Musical Celebration of the Birth of the Pop Icon is officially in the pipeline. Along with virtual Marilyn, there will be other famous artist performing. But who they will be has not been finalized.

The spokesperson of the company said we’ll get to see more of virtual Marilyn if this concert becomes a success. He said it will be the beginning of her career as a cultural pundit, a performer, a spokesperson and a computer avatar. 

Will it bring back the time of Marilyn, followed by other icons of another time or will it be too creepy for us to handle?

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