Mark zuckerberg signs up for viddy, which doesn’t make it instagram

Mark zuckerberg (CEO of facebook) has become an inspiration for all young and old lately. This is because of the introduction of the social networking site established by him which has become a rage not only with the youngsters but also with people belonging to other age groups. The most recent update about him is that, he signed up on a video sharing application named viddy. Now this action of his has gained a lot of attention, thanks to the social media and other social networking websites and has invited speculation which also has a relation to his previous activities. The first of his previous actions that may cross our mind is that earlier this month facebook acquired the photo sharing application named ‘instagram’ for a whooping $1 billion.

Instagram is a photo-sharing application which is very attractive to users as it provides them with a number of options to alter, filter and add special effects to their photos and also share them with facebook, twitter and other social networking services. And the most catchy thing about this application is that it’s free. This application is available on iPhone, ipad and other devices also. This application was launched in October 2010 and within months of its launch i.e. by December 2010 it had acquired 1 million registered users. This total increased to about 150 million users in August 2011.the social networking sites are meant to socialize and meet new people and get to these people and one of the most important elements of socializing is seeing the person. This requires photo-sharing option to be provided to the users. The most required ingredient for the success of a social networking site is photos as it has been observed that on an average about 100-150 thousand pictures are uploaded every day. Facebook has a very enviable position when compared to its competitors but one has to confess that the photo-sharing apps and options were pretty scarce. This might be one of the reasons that Mark Zuckerberg might have decided on acquiring this application which serves the purpose of combining the popularity of instagram and facebook to become all the more attractive to his users and to attract those who haven’t yet become a part of this social networking website. Now after he signed up for viddy this speculation has come to the minds of people that he is planning to acquire this video-sharing app also. Viddy is just the same type of application as instagram but deals with the filtering and other beatifying options of videos. One might think that acquisition of this will help facebook achieve a position which might not be accessible to many in the long-run. But everything comes with benefits and also has shortcomings. One has to think about the long-term consequences of decisions taken in the present while running a website as big as facebook.

With the growth of technology we can speculate the innovation and introduction of such similar apps as viddy and those apps might be much more sophisticated than this one and the former after their introduction on these social websites might result in these old apps like Viddy losing their popularity and people moving on to use new apps. This suggests that the acquisition of viddy may not be that beneficial for facebook. Its better that they sit back and admire their latest acquisition enjoy the increase in the number of users to their website.

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