Master of American Television turns 11

American Idol is all set to return for season 11 with no major changes. A seemingly undisputed decision, as it has held its #1 spot on American television for seven consecutive seasons. An impressive feat considering it’s not anymore the ‘one-of-a-kind’ show that it was. It has younger and much bolder shows like ‘The Voice’ and ‘The X-Factor’ to compete with. Yet, American Idol has nothing to worry about. The unique aspects that have let it keep its viewership would continue to be a part of the show. Singer and actor Jennifer Lopez and Pop Icon Steven Tyler will return as judges for the 11th season. Last season, loyal fans and viewers complained that the judges were ‘too nice’ to the contestants. In their defence, the judges are working on finding the right balance between being a judge and respecting the contestants. The only original judge Randy Jackson, returning for this season might know how to get it right. Music producer and entrepreneur Jimmy Lovine will return as the in-house mentor for the contestants.

Much older and wiser since it launched Kelly Clarkson as a music idol a decade ago, it’s time again for it to scout for real talent and give them the much deserved platform. This season too like its predecessor, will start with episodes of audition tapes. It would then move on to live shows from Los Angeles and let people vote for their favourite voice.

The famous competing-on-the-Las-Vegas strip part of the previous season will return. Host Ryan Seacrest will return for what seems like his final season. Though he has shown interest to return to the show, his contract expires this season.

The best thing about American Idol seems to be that it is still all about the performances. Unlike its contemporaries, it hasn’t gotten carried away and ended up in a different place. Though the show finds itself in a completely different world of television since it started, it has maintained the overall spirit and theme of the show.

Undoubtedly it has grown and adapted over the years but it still gives the audience their power. Why change the formula when it works so well?

American Idol for the 11th time will hopefully do what it does best; pick an amazing voice from somewhere in America and line it up right behind Carrie Underwood, Scotty Mcreery for all to hear.

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