Medical Secrets

Doctors that refuse to light the lamp of the sick are imposters with a ruse to oversight the damp of this wick.  This riddled stew of pharmaceutical treachery and its planning purse has dismayed the belittled with fluof rhetoricalblasphemy, while brandishing a curse to first aid.This sirens an industry to surrender its crown, a fist of iron that pounds the typical PHD.  It is disbelieving that the ailments that haunt the dying are not distributed by seething assailants who are corroborating for a polluted Illuminati M.O.  These masons are flirtingserpentsteasingGod’s determineddecree ofaffliction, their own sensation jerking asfervent and profiteering vermin who tee off addiction to narcotics.  As pagans they promote the travesty ofan everlasting consumption that parades a torrentof prescriptions, agents that demote the almighty’s surpassing instructions because they are afraid of their own abhorrent fiction.  TheirChristening of a destructive passion’s fantasy isa chokinggrizzlewithin doomsday’s slobbering and ill,blacklisting instructivefashion to sanity andtoting pistols that spray with lobbyingpills.

A physician’s prevalent (beep beep) tweeting human malady’s succession is a sedition’s elephant, stampeding to ruin spirituality’s procession.  Elating scriptural evidence is bleeding to be diagnosis and liberty; regulating is the criminal sentence foritsdeceiving and atrocious rivalry.  What fosters is obliged prayer that provides chivalrous remedy that damnsdoctors who denied a fair and applied sustenance to flurry a sham!  Shining down is this ray of hope, opining a sound way to elope from pain.  This conclusion serves an assertive ploy, far from a corny science; the disillusioned deserve an alternative that destroys Illuminati’sczar and sorcery’s alliance.Its infective and complex solutions that possess a greeting to an elective hex’s intrusion will soonconfess in a hearing.  The route’s reminiscent buffer of suchhavocis pressing this bout as the innocent who suffer need God’s crutch and graphic blessing.  He is provoking one to sift through filedIlluminatimonopoly, a smoking gun’s gift tohis child andpropriety.


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