Men Earn and Women Spend It All: Now Proven Scientifically

The gender roles and their stereotyping with particular traits of attitudes has been probably the most accurate of all stereotyping that is being exercised today.  Roles of men and women have been outlined and purporting evidences and reasoning for how and why are still presented. Now the fact that the role of men is earning and saving has been scientifically proven with women being observed as the quintessential spenders of money. The evidence that has scientific backing from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology may down be well received by women all around the globe, be it in a rich, developing or poor country.

However, owing to its credible sourcing and research effort in such a result, the news is worthy of being published and analyzed for purposes that make us man or woman in terms of attitude, personality and outlook towards something as important as money and finances. The report observes that men tend to save more in absence of woman essentially because of their prudent nature and future oriented outlook with respect to finances. On the other hand, the women were outnumbered by men in terms of saving their earnings especially when they were seeking courtship and companionship from a male partner. For men, researcher’s pointed out that saving for the rainy day was more important than merely ‘trying out a new product in the market’. While this was a man’s attitude, the women were more likely to ‘try out new products’ in the market and more often if a man was funding the purchase. While the study reinforces a typical female nature as validates the ‘thrifty, quality to women they’re already famous for, there happens to be a downside to the nature of man and his prudence in financial matters.

The report shows that while men exhibit prudence and save more than they earn, they can be the first one’s who borrow or take a loan when the financial situation is unfruitful. Hence, the attitudinal traits of men and women have in some way been a reason for the huge debts that people have to bear the burden of as a deduction of this report.

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