Men on forced diets risk being fatter than before

Latest studies indicate that men who are forced on diet by their spouses will actually gain weight rather than losing weight. The main reason for such a phenomenon is that men are after all men who will eat loads of outside food in order to satisfy their hunger pangs. This research study was carried out by the researchers at the University Of Michigan- School Of Public Health in the United States.

The study also revealed that men who surrender to their spouse advice on dieting are in fact, after three to four days on a low fat diet tend to steal on the food that is equivalent of a buffet meal. The researchers suggested that men on a habit of binging can be stopped from eating unhealthy foods away from home if the couple discusses their dinner plans.

This study was carried on focus groups consisting of 83 African-American men and also found that majority of the wives do not consult their hubbies when they try to enforce the diet plan on them. The husbands actually disliked the diet that is heaped on them by their spouses but in order to avoid conflict try to make peace by following the diet plan prescribed by their wives. But they satisfy their urge of eating their choosy food by eating unhealthy food outside their homes.

This interesting study has focused on the giving more importance to the marital bliss being preferred by husbands by compromising on their food eating habits and avoiding unnecessary conflicts over the food with their wives. The role of physicians is important as they can suggest a proper healthy diet by playing as a good negotiator between the couple and helping the wives in discussing about their diet plans with their husbands. These findings were published in the Journal – Health Psychology.

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