Microsoft crosses the technological challenge with the release of Windows 8 final test version

Microsoft at last released the Windows 8 final test version that is considered to be the biggest overhaul of its Windows Operating System. This software maker giant is nearly over with its biggest challenge of creating a version that truly reflects the current software requirements that amalgamates with the latest software gadgets.

The current software version displays various applications in the form of mosaic tiles and is specially designed to run on tablet computers, laptops and desktops. The latest test version of Windows 8 is available in 14 languages that include more improvements when compared with the less refined version that was released three months ago. Windows 8 version is available with more touch screen features and more security controls.

Windows-8 is expected to revolutionize the way the windows applications are being used until now with new technological features that has been imbibed in this version for latest software gadgets. The actual sale of Window 8 version has not yet been announced by Microsoft but industry analysts expect that the software may be available in the market during the months of September or October.

Market reports indicate that the PC sales has reduced in the United States due to delay in replacements by the consumers and instead opting for buying mobile devices such as tablet computer and smart phones.  Experts also opine that the availability of Windows 8 version in the coming months may lead the prospective consumers to postpone their purchases until the new operating system is available in a full fledged manner.

The Windows-8 is considered to be the rebirth of MS Windows that includes an upgraded cloud computing service. With this version, Microsoft is considering to expand its presence in the booming software markets of tablets and smart phones that is currently dominated by Apple and Google. This latest versions offers the users to store and share personal data instantly among various devices under the “SkyDrive” cloud computing service.

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