Microsoft Flight Finally Released: First Reactions

After weeks of waiting, Microsoft’s real-world flight simulator was finally released and has been unassumingly named as Microsoft Flight. The simulator or more simply ‘sim’ will let users soar the skies of Hawaii that have been digitally enhanced to present an accurate version of the real skies. Even the atmospheric conditions will be correspondingly altered as per the real-time weather conditions for enhanced gaming experience. The game promises to deliver on actual superior aerial exploration and users can expect to experience precision flying in locales that will remind them of flying over Hawaii. Although, the absence of dogfights and stealth missions comes as a shock to most who would rather buy an action-oriented game, the intent of the game is to offer Hawaii’s ambience in digital mode through the experience of flying digital counterparts of real planes.

What is really striking is the availability of the game for free from spring of 2012. While the ordinary version can be easily downloaded and set-up on computers, the closed-beta version is available through requests only. These are being accepted right now. The interesting aspect of this release is Microsoft Studio’s foray into free-to-play gaming which can be considered as a method of testing the market for such non-combat and real-world digitized games which are usually beyond the realm of action oriented and online games. It can hence be expected that the success of failure of this game can actually determine if we will receive any more interesting games from Microsoft in the future.

The initial reactions can be considered to be lukewarm. Although the availability of the game for free has caught attention, the digitization which has been limited to Hawaii’s landmarks and atmosphere has come as a disappointment as Microsoft hasn’t gone beyond its previous versions of Flight to include other locations besides Hawaii. Also, the digitization is being considered as non-par with other games, even though some see it as an improvement over its previous versions. Even though there have been disappointments especially with respect to the limitation of locations being offered and only a slight improvement in graphics over previous versions, Microsoft’s Flight sim will be hugely popular because of its free availability.

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