Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s iPad – Unveiling of ‘Surface’ Tablet

Microsoft has thrown another challenge to Apple’s iPad by announcing a new tablet called “Microsoft Surface” which is a device with 1.06-inch screen that runs on the company’s new Windows 8 Operating system. This new tablet was unveiled at Hollywood’s Milk Studio in Los Angeles by the CEO of Microsoft – Mr. Steve Ballmer where he called it a part of the completely new family of devices being developed by Microsoft. This touch screen tablet is Microsoft’s first major venture into computer hardware.

The key features of this device includes a keyboard cover that is just 3 millimeters thick, the weight of the device is 1.5 pounds and is expected to cost as much as the other tablet computers. The launch of this tablet coincides with the expected release of the Microsoft’s much-awaited Windows 8 operating system. The other version of this device that is not expected to be sold until for a few months is the 9.3-millimeter thick tablet, which works on the Windows RT operating system. The kickstand of both these tablets isjust 0.7 mm thick that is less than the thickness of a credit card. This tablet features a magnesium case and the touch pad and keyboard are built into its cover. The cameras are built into the back and front.

However, Microsoft has not revealed some of the critical specification of this tablet that include the price, screen resolution, battery life or the specific release date of the device. This tablet may contain a choice of Intel or ARM-based processor. The basic version of this tablet will be available with 32 or 64 GB of memory.  Microsoft has been making software for tablets since 2002 when it shipped the Windows XP Table PC Edition. Continuing with the same proposition, Microsoft is launching Windows 8 not just for the computers but also for tablets and other mobile devices with touch screens.

Microsoft kept the announcement of its tablet device – Surface – a closely guarded secret until the last moment when it invited the reporters to the event with a puzzling email about some major event. Until now, Microsoft has not had a competitor for the iPad since Apple has already released the original version in 2010. Now with the Windows 8 that is going to available to the consumers before the end of this year, this tablet is the only hope for the company to compete against Apple.


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