Mitt Romney charges Obama of telling brutal lies on Bain Capital

The latest advertisement campaign from the stables of Romney campaign cries “So shame on you, Barack Obama!” in a hoarse voice in the latest Television ad footage that was broadcast only in Ohio. But the voice does not resemble the Republican Party’s nominee Mitt Romney but to Hillary Clinton. This footage was lifted from the bitterly contested Democratic primary campaign of 2008 when Clinton was the Senator and now President Obama’s staunch and loyal secretary of state complaining about the Illinois insurgent spending millions of dollars creating falsehood.

The advertisement further adheres that the man who went on to win the presidency first attacked Clinton of “vicious lies”. The advertisement also mentions a Washington Post column of last month that spoke against a particular Obama attack ad campaign against Romney as “untrue, misleading and unfair”. The latest ad campaign wants to protect the interests of its candidate from the barrage of attacks that he is faced when he was involved in the private equity career at Bain Capital.

This Obama ad campaign heavily relied on the Washington Post news articles that were published in June-21 which reported that the six companies that Bain invested in during Romney’s tenure at the firm were “trailblazers” in the rising trend of outsourcing U.S. jobs to foreign countries like India and China.

The Romney campaign in fact had collected statements from the former and current CEO’s who stressed that they had helped in procuring more U.S. jobs during their respective periods when they were associated with Romney and Bain Capital. The other independent group put on their support on the Obama ad campaign declaring that they had found no evidence to support the claim that Romney while still working for Bain Capital exported American jobs overseas.

However, the Obama-Biden campaign spokesman informed that is wrong on this count and the campaigns press secretary Ben LaBolt brushed aside the testimony from the current and former CEO’s and instead advised reporters inquiring about them to talk to the workers who lost their jobs when these businesses shut down the U.S. based plants.

With all these ad campaigns doing rounds, President Obama has succeeded in dampening the Mitt Romney’s public gain mostly by infusing the media with the revealing tales of Bain Capital from the past rather than the existing tales of the economy right now. Gallup reported on Monday that Obama leads Romney 48 percent to 43 percent across the country.

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