Mitt Romney woos his conservative base

Mitt Romney is shoring up support from the Republican establishment to further consolidate his position as the front runner in the bid to represent the GOP as their candidate for the Presidential elections in November this year. He has faced a surprisingly stiff completion from Rick Santorum as well as Newt Gingrich, but at this point in the race it looks like Mr. Romney will emerge victorious.

Mr. Romney is viewed with much skepticism by the conservative base of the Republican Party who have voted for a unabashedly catholic, pro-life, Rick Santorum resulting in quite a few wins in the more conservative parts of the country. Mr. Romney is now working behind the scenes in Washington to gain the confidence and support of the more conservative factions within the Party who are skeptical of his previously held moderate views on abortion; and his healthcare reforms as the Governor of Massachusetts which are the basis of the Presidents’ universal healthcare reforms that the Republicans are trying to repeal. Mr. Romney is focusing on his economic credentials as a fiscal conservative who will lower taxes and government regulation and reduce debt.

Mr. Romney met with South Carolina’s Jim DeMint, a prominent conservative senator who had supported him in his bid in 2008 but has yet to endorse him this time round; and Paul Ryan the conservative chairman of the House Budget Committee. He also held a fund raiser which was attended by several senators and members of the U.S. House of Representatives. Mr. DeMint has spoken warmly about Mr. Romney as has Senator John McCain of Arizona and Jeb Bush of Florida who has endorsed Mr. Romney. Senator McCain warned the party that the longer they spent squabbling over the candidacy the more difficult it would be for their eventual nominee to defeat President Obama when the time came.

After Mr. Santorum’s win in Louisiana on Saturday, the contest in Wisconsin on April 3rd may be a game changer. With many moderate states yet to vote it does appear as though Mr. Romney has little to worry about, but the nomination is by no means secure. Mr. Ron Bonjean a Republican strategist feels that as Mr. Romney’s position gets more secure in the coming days more prominent GOP leaders will come out in his support.

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