Mitt Romney’s Campaign Hits Speed Bumps on the Road to the Nomination

Mitt RomneyIt is not all smooth sailing and clear winds in the race for the Republican presidential nomination for Mr. Mitt Romney. After decisive victories in Florida and Nevada it appeared that Mr. Romney had all but won the nomination. But the shocking wins for Mr. Rick Santorum in Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri mean that Mr. Romney has a ways to go before he can being to prepare to take on the incumbent Democratic President Barak Obama.

Mr. Romney is still the front runner and has tried to play down these disappointing results by saying that his campaign did not devote a lot of effort, time or money to the three states’ nomination contests, choosing to reserve their might for other more important states’ nomination processes.  At an airport conference Mr. Romney reiterated that he felt he was still poised to win the Republican nomination, but that there was a tough fight ahead against the newly resurgent Rick Santorum. Mr. Romney said that the fight for the nomination was a long drawn out affair that tested the mettle of the candidates to choose the best person to run for the much more challenging Presidential election. He reminded people at the conference that Senator McCain had also lost a few states after winning Florida but was able to win the nomination as he secured the required number of delegates.

The loss in Colorado is particularly damaging for Mr. Romney as he had campaigned there, but there is no sign there are any dramatic changes in direction planned by his campaign in response to the loss. His team is focusing on attacking the spending record of former Pennsylvania Senator Santorum, much like they did Mr. Gingrich, saying that while Mr. Santorum was in serving in the Congress and the Senate the Government expenditure increased by about 80 percent, and that Mr. Santorum voted to raise the debt ceiling five times to the tune of an additional $3.5trillion.

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