Mitt Romney’s campaign looses steam

Mitt Romney’s second campaign for the GOP nomination seems to be running out of steam with a candidate who seems to be losing his touch. Just two weeks after winning the Florida primary and enthusiastically regaling us with ‘America the Beautiful’ Mr. Romney seems to have lost a lot of his pep and is mired in one unfortunate public appearance after another. It is still just the beginning of a long primary season and Mr. Romney’s campaign seems to be floundering with a candidate who comes across as less then confidant.

The general consensus among political pundits is that Mr. Romney needs to win Arizona and Michigan on Feb 28th to bring back his flagging self confidence. He is comfortably ahead in Arizona but struggling in Michigan.

After winning Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado Rick Santorum is now presenting a surprising challenge for Mr. Romney in his native Michigan.  A state that has a large auto industry that is widely believed to have been saved by President Obama’s $ 81 billion bailout package which was opposed by Mr. Romney. Mitt Romney has now written an article defending his opposition to this bail out and this is seen as a particularly bad move on his part as it reminds people of Mr. Obama’s successes and that Mr. Romney has fought against their interests. In addition his recent “The trees are the right height” and “I love you” speech seemed more than a touch needy and unsure. This is certainly not the image Mr. Romney wants to present to a republican base that is looking for a candidate to defeat President Obama in the upcoming elections.

Mr. Romney has come out to say that he had advocated borrowing from the market and a managed bankruptcy for the auto industry, which is what saved the industry in the end. But trade analysts feel that the financial realities of the time would not have made it possible any private funds to have been made available to the struggling auto industry which would not have then been able to undertake their managed bankruptcy and come out stronger.

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