Music files worth $250 million stolen from Sony

Sony Music confirms that hackers have stolen music files and data from them. According to some sources, the theft took place around April last year. Among the files that were stolen were the music files of the late ‘king of pop’ Michael Jackson. After his death, in 2010 Sony Music under Sony Corps signed a deal with Jackson’s estate. According to the deal, Sony was going to release about 10 albums of previously unreleased material. The entire back catalogue of Jackson was stolen. Among the files stolen were also music files of Jimi Hendrix, Paul Simon, the Foo Fighters and Avril Lavigne.

Though the figures around this deal are not confirmed, the deal is said to be worth up to $250 million. In connection with case, two men James Marks and James McCormick were arrested last May and were charged in September. But they denied the charges. The charges were filed under the Computer Misuse act and Copyright, Designs and Patents Act. They are out on bail and are set to be tried in the beginning of next year.

Sony Music had very little to say on this. The company said “We confirmed the breach last May and immediately took steps to secure the site and notify authorities. As a result, the two suspects were arrested. There was no consumer data involved in the incident” Sony has been under criticism for security reasons. The breach occurred in April last year and the hackers made off with more than the music files. They also took personal information of 77 million online gamers. Among that were credit card data but it would prove useless as they were encrypted.

It is said that Sony found out about the hack by going through Social Networking sites and fan forums. A source said “Everything Sony purchased from the Michael Jackson estate was compromised. After the discovery they checked their systems and they found the breach. Sony identified the weakness and plugged the gap.”

This a big security issue for Sony. But, Sony is still in possession of the tracks of the artists and it still has the rights to release the late pop star’s unreleased tracks.

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