Need A New Job? Five Growing Careers That People With Sales Experience Should Consider

Experience in sales is beneficial for advancing in a current career field and opportunities in other industries and areas. The skills gained from a sales position create job candidates who have the communication, interpersonal, customer service and computer proficiency skills to be successful in any career. Here are a few opportunities for candidates with sales experience to consider when looking for a new career:

Product Promoter

Product promoters are an integral part of the sales industry. When products are stocked on store shelves, from hardware to beauty products, product promoters are often behind the scenes demonstrating the products to sell to the stores. Product promoters are also part of floor shows in almost every industry. They must be able to work well with others and be comfortable speaking in front of large groups.

Travel Agent

Many people who are planning a trip turn to travel agents in order to take care of the details necessary to take a vacation or travel for business. From flight tickets to hotel rooms to tours and local events, travel agents help clients find the perfect itinerary. This is a great option for those looking to help others make the most of their budget. Being a travel agent is a fun, interactive job that is changing every day.

Insurance Agent

Purchasing insurance can be a daunting task, whether an individual is looking to buy life, health, vehicle or home insurance. Insurance agents guide clients through the process, building relationships with their clients and helping not just the purchase of insurance but also an understanding of the policies. They often keep in touch with the people they sell insurance to, and are communicating with many people daily through face-to-face meetings, emails and phone calls.

Real Estate Broker

A career in real estate can be exciting, fast paced, and rewarding. Real estate brokers have a number of responsibilities to be successful and usually work well in a fast-paced and changing environment. In addition to working closely with clients and other real estate sales agents, real estate brokers also handle marketing responsibilities for selling and for expanding their clientele.

Sales Management

Sales experience is a must for any candidate looking for sales employment opportunities in other industries or management positions. Being a sales manager allows sales people to still be involved with what they love doing, with a little extra pay.

There are quite a few opportunities in which professionals with sales experience are needed. Sales professionals have the skills, training, and knowledge that is needed to handle the various tasks of all types of career fields.

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