Newly Single? Don’t Fall Victim to the Valentine’s Day Blahs

When you’ve recently suffered from a breakup, there are few things worse than seeing happy couples and romance. The hearts, flowers and sickening sentiment of Valentine’s Day can almost make the whole situation even worse. But why stay at home, climb into a tub of ice cream and wallow in misery? This V-Day, instead of spending your hard-earned cash on someone who doesn’t appreciate it, you can spend it on making sure you have a great time. Gather up your single friends and make some plans. This could turn out to be the best V-Day yet.

Just because you don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean the whole day is ruined. In fact, the pressure of V-Day is officially off your shoulders this year, meaning you don’t have to get presents, write cards or even go out for an expensive and crowded dinner. Instead, think about treating yourself. Getting a group of your single pals together can be equally, if not more fun than a date. Get your creative juices flowing and start dreaming up a great way to spend the day.

1) Hit the road

With D-Day for V-Day hitting on a weekend this year, why not get a few friends together for a great, all-American style road trip? Hop in the car and head off for sunnier climates like Tampa or Miami, Florida. If time is a factor, look for road trips that only take you a couple of hours away to tourist attractions. Be careful on the road though. February temperatures can cause prime accident conditions, bringing your trip to a quick end. If you do get into an accident, contacting a Tampa auto accident lawyer or one wherever you’re located can help take care of the paperwork and get you back on the road in no time.

2) Plan a gourmet night

The one night of the year that every restaurant is guaranteed to be booked is Valentine’s Day, so why not host your own food fest? Call up your friends and invite them to come over, bringing a dish to share. You can set the theme: appetizers, finger foods, love-related cuisine, or whatever tickles your fancy. Guest list doesn’t need to be limited to just your single friends either. Many couples dislike the pressure of Valentine’s Day and would probably love to come to your party instead.

3) Head out to the lanes

Leave the thought of a smoky bowling alley filled with fat old guys behind. Bowling is once again becoming popular thanks to new-style bowling alleys that also feature games, a restaurant and even a cocktail bar. Get together a couple of teams for an all-out, battle royale between the singles. If you plan far enough in advance, you can even go so far as to get fun shirts made to commemorate the occasion. Set aside various “frames” for competitions and bring prizes. For example, whoever gets the best score in the 7th frame wins something.

4) Sing your heart out

The Japanese have it right with their national obsession with karaoke. When you’re feeling blue, singing it out with your friends can be a great reliever of emotions. You don’t even have to sing in front of a large audience anymore, as many karaoke bars now offer private rooms for just you and your friends. Keep it fun by selecting songs for each other, and also get your personal favorites in. You’ll feel like a rock star and act like one too.

Being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to make you the odd man out. In fact, you can often have a better time on your own or with your friends than you actually would if you were part of a couple. Keep the party lighthearted and fun. Romance can always wait until tomorrow.

Domonique Powell loves finding an excuse to party and have fun. After viewing a blog by a Tampa auto accident lawyer team, she was reminded of partying responsibly and wanted to share the message with readers.



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