Newt Gingrich Fighting Back Against Negative T.V Ads

The Republican primaries are heating up and it is no surprise now that the gloves are coming off between two of the presidential candidates, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.  Gingrich spoke fervently looking straight into a camera and challenged Romney, who he called “timid” about job creation, to a debate and allow voters to get a chance to see who has what it takes to be America’s next president.  Gingrich probably made this decision to call out Romney due to his lack of funding and the fact that he can’t fight back against Romney’s attack ads, which have led to a drop in Newt’s polls in the Iowa Caucus.

With Gingrich’s numbers sliding and on a downturn from past weeks where he was in the lead in Iowa, he sharply criticized the former Massachusetts governor.  Newt called Romney a “Massachusetts moderate” and claimed that he wasn’t “man enough” to tell his campaign to remove the negative commercials that attack the former house speaker with a barrage that has now proven effective.  Russ Schriefer, a Romney campaign adviser struck back saying,

“I’m not sure this was the happy warrior Gingrich or a candidate who was lashing out because he was having a really bad week. He’s had sinking poll numbers across the country… The problem is that Newt Gingrich, the longer he’s been in Washington he’s become more liberal.  He’s the guy who sat on the couch with Nancy Pelosi at the invitation of Al Gore. He’s the guy who threw the Paul Ryan spending Medicare reform plan under the bus calling it right-wing social engineering.”

If you turn on the television in Iowa right now, it is plain to see that the negative ads are on the rise and are not going anywhere on the road to the White House.  It is safe to say that the culmination of all these commercials is hurting the Republican party more than helping it in the long run, but it is clearly evident based upon the recent jabs between Romney and Gingrich that politics is never fair and is an undertaking that requires thick skin.

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