Novelist Hillary Mantel writes the fate of her choicest character – Thomas Cromwell – by putting him to death in the final part of the Trilogy series

Hillary Mantel the famous and most sought after novelist of the United Kingdom declares that she is plotting to write an obituary of her favorite character –Thomas Cromwell.  Author Hillary Mantel who became one of the most distinguished authors in the world of fiction by winning one of the prestigious awards in the field of literature – The Man Booker Prize for fiction for her book “Wolf Hall” in 2009. She continued with the fascinating portrayal of Thomas Cromwell- by writing another series on that character with the second series aptly titled – “Bring up the Bodies”- that arrived in the United States bookstores last week. This historical novel also won the hearts of the critics as well as the readers for depicting the historical perspective through the eyes of “Cromwell” and for its rich retelling.

In her latest book – “Bring up the Bodies” author Hillary Mantel has depicted the fall of Anne Boleyn in a most furious way that is centered not on the queen but on “Thomas Cromwell” who is deemed to behind the Anne’s downfall even though revenge is not the prominent factor in the life of this man.  Plans are on to develop a television miniseries on this novel of “Bring up the Bodies” and the script being written by Peter Straughan who has written the screenplay for the 2011 movie- “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy”. A play is also on the cards for this novel.

Author Hillary Mantel who was born in 1952 is credited for writing more than ten fiction novels that included – “A Place of Safety” that was set in the background of French revolution, like her present novels that relates with the real historical characters. In a telephonic interview, Hillary Mantel revealed that she began writing when she was in her early twenties and made an intention to write about Thomas Cromwell one day.  The final trilogy of the –Thomas Cromwell- series is named “The Mirror and The Light” that is expected to be released in the year-2015 and this will mark the end of her ten years of research and the completeness of the idea that occurred to her nearly forty years ago.

The final part of the trilogy will be in continuation of the “Bring up the Bodies” that was left off and that will end with the execution of “Thomas Cromwell.” Author Hillary Mantel informed that the work on “The Mirror and the Light” would begin from the next year.

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