Obama Moves on from Hope and Change

President Obama “We can change” still rings in our ears from his 2008 campaign, where he bowled people over with brilliant oratory skills. However, four years down the line, when he faces another election, he is staying away from words like Hope and Change in his re-election campaign.

Sources say “Winning The Future” “Greater Together” “We Don’t Quit” are the short-list from which he may pick one. As of now the posters just say ‘Obama 2012’. “Winning The Future” was used extensively to promote the budget, while “Greater Together” was used to reach out to the youth. This is quite a marked change from the previous election, where Obama was the outsider and wanted to incite change and make things happen. Today he is the incumbent and people today are too cynical to accept change and hope. However, he does refer to these words at various fundraisers and public meetings to refer to change that he has brought about during his tenure.

“When you think about change that we can believe in, as hard as these last three years have been, don’t underestimate the changes we’ve made,” Obama said at a fundraiser in California this week. “Inspiration is wonderful, nice speeches are wonderful, pretty posters, that’s great. But what’s required at the end of the day to create the kind of country we want is stick-to-it-ness. It’s determination. It’s saying, ‘We don’t quit.’”

Many aides of Obama still maintain that it’s the words that will change in the campaign and not the positive attitude towards providing good governance. The improving job market is a huge relief for the Obama camp, however the numbers are still high, and the insecurity among the working class is still a major concern in the run up to the polls.

Victory slogans are never to be taken lightly in U.S politics, for they have deal breakers in the past. William Henry Harrison famously rode on the slogan “Tippecanoe and Tyler too” and won the election in 1840. In recent times, Senator John McCain’s inspiring “Country First” slogan failed to connect with the voters in 2008. Obama’s biggest challenger Governor Mitt Romney uses ‘Believe in America’ as his campaign slogan.

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