Obama Raises $68 Million in Three Months

In what comes as very important news, Barack Obama’s campaign team and the Democratic National Committee have raised $68 Million over the last quarter of 2011.

The President’s campaign manager Jim Messina said, 98% of the donations were individual contributions of $250 or less, which means a great deal to the campaign. The other figure to note is that the 200,000 of the people were first time donors. The more number of people donating smaller denominations represents their support for the Democratic Party and Obama. If we dissect this and look carefully, it points to the growing popularity of Obama at grass-root levels. The figure was strategically revealed close on the heels of Mitt Romney announcing that his campaign team had raised $24m in the same period. Mitt Romney is the leading Republican Candidate set to take on Obama in the Presidential polls.

The figure now raised by the Obama camp over the last year stands at a staggering $200 Million. Mr.Messina, addressing supporters through a video message, quashed rumors of projections indicating that Obama’s campaign could raise $1 Billion during this election. Mr. Obama in the run-up to the previous elections raised $750m.

“The billion-dollar number is completely untrue” he said, while adding that the number had created a wrong perception about the campaign. “Too many supporters think we don’t need their money or they don’t need to give now”

Mr. Spencer Zwick, national finance chairman for Mr. Romney’s campaign toed a similar line about positive donations translating to votes. “Mitt Romney’s growing financial support is representative of the growing momentum of our campaign.” He said. “In order to defeat President Obama in November, we will need this continued strong showing of support.”

Mr.Romney is front-runner to win the Nomination from the Republican Party but has to come out winning in the impending season of primary contests, the upcoming State being South Carolina. He has been in the receiving end of some scathing criticism from his rivals in the state. Obama’s popularity has been on the steady rise over the last three months, his speeches about creating jobs and empowering Americans is translating into numbers with the job market showing signs of growth and stability. We will continue to keep tabs on this fascinating battle leading up to the polls.

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