Obama versus Romney – A personal warfare

President Barack Obama has hit the road with a campaign speech in Ohio on Friday and on  the same day, the government job report showed little growth and unchanged unemployment rate.  The main emphasis of the Obama’s campaign strategy is to talk about the economy only when necessary and spend as much time as possible in unraveling the Romney’s secretive and corporate background. Both Obama and Romney talk of economy but both of them fall on to the respective personal prejudices.

The latest Washington Post – ABC News Poll shows that the voters’ preference was deadlocked at 47%. Obama is considered to be more likeable than Romney that consists of 63-27 per cent. Obama has ten point lead when people were asked who better understands the economic problems the people are having. The utmost challenge for the president remains to turn attention away from the negative publicity that he is receiving on his performance and the way for this is to dig the history of Romney which President Obama actually admitted in his election campaign.

While President Obama is scrutinizing the Romney’s past, Romney on the other hand has aimed his criticism not at Obama’s personal background but rather on the economy over the past three years. The Republican National Committee has retaliated Obama’s attack on Romney with a graphic representation that showed a drop in the number of jobs added each month since January along with the quotes from the news reports checking the accuracy of Obama’s claims.

The poll outcome of Iowa is very crucial for President Obama as this is the state that launched his presidential bid in 2008. The opinion polls in Iowa have shown that Obama is locked in a tight race with Romney which is a potential warning sign that he is vulnerable with many voters expressing their cautious approach about his handling the economy, his plans to reduce the debts etc. Most of the voters say that the number one issue related to them is the economy which is a boon for Romney’s campaign. However, democrats hope that they can recreate the success by drawing attention towards Romney’s personal finances.

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