Obama’s birth-control rule rubuked and denounced and could cost him his second presidential run

President Obama’s new rule on birth-control pills or contraceptives has been an unwelcome move for many and has received rebuke from many political and religious quarters. A top republican in Congress John Boehner joined a substantially growing number of social conservatives and religious leaders who denounced the new rule and tagged his policy as unchristian and irreligious. John Boehner said that the rule could as well become the bone of contention for Obama’s political race towards a second year at Presidential candidature. While there were hopes that Obama would give a leeway and accommodate some of the concerns put forth by the Congress in line with the demands of the religious strata of the country, news from a closed door session reveled Obama unflinching stance at not equivocating the rule.

His decision has been largely been accused of ignoring and demeaning religious freedom in America and in a speech on the floor of his chamber, John Boehner made sure that his opposition was well heard by the attendees while included his vow to overturn it if it becomes a reality. While this rule is catching fire quickly, the news of Obama’s anti-religiousness is being spread to paint him unfit for a second run. All this has been developing as Obama and the White House have been trying hard to make sure that the rule, although catching headlines at an inopportune time, does not eventually become an election liability. Escalating the fight between politics and legal ruling against the religious strata of America, Obama has in effect denounced the Church’s allowance of choosing to use brith-control by including birth-control services in health insurance that will be rendered to women from Catholic charities, universities and hospitals.

In an attempt to thwart efforts of congressmen like John Boehner to assimilate political mileage out of the issue, the White House informed that while the implementation of the much debated rule is on its agenda, the implementation would not be without a sincere effort at addressing opponents’ concerns and dealing with their objections.

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