Olivier Martinez and Halley Berry are engaged. Are you surprised?

Olivier Martinez and Halley Berry are engaged and this rumor that has surrounding the couple’s relationship has now been confirmed as a fact. The beans were spilled by Olivier to an online entertainment news agency which posted the interview with the hunky French actor on Saturday. “Of course, it’s true”, he has reportedly uttered when asked to comment on the rumors that had been surrounding their long and strong relationship. Martinez 46 and Berry 45 have been dating since 2010 when they had started filming on the film “Dark Tide”. The film is due for release this year which makes one speculate the cause for such a candid revelation on Martinez’s part.

Halley Berry who is a mother of 4 year old Nahla, from her relationship with model-actor Gabriel Aubry has been married twice before. From 2001-2005, Halley Berry was married to singer Eric Benet and being married to baseball star David Justice from 1993-1997. The beautiful actress has gained an irreplaceable place in Hollywood after her Academy award for a tremendously fabulous performance in the movie Monster’s Ball in 2001. Due to release, Dark Tide will star Berry alongside her newly revealed fiancé Olivier Martinez. Halley Berry whose dating relationship had been a cause of intense speculation was further fueled when she was seen wearing a designer engagement ring since January this year. Olivier set the record straight in a surprisingly straight forward manner when he said that the man in Halley’s life was himself.

While many have speculated and hadn’t it been for the ring Halley Berry has been flaunting around, many would have assumed this candid revelation by Martinez as a publicity stunt. Nevertheless, there hasn’t been any news from Halley Berry or her publicist in order that Olivier’s claim could be verified. The media will probably not be satisfied until Halley Berry comes clean about whether something is really cooking between her and her co-star in the upcoming movie Dark Tide or if this is just the steam that would propel the movie which is Berry’s crucial one after a long spate of nothingness. Time will tell.

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