Oprah interviews Presidential candidate Mitt Romney

This weekend, all media attention is on the Romneys and their well known guest. They had none other than the Oprah Winfrey herself to interview them. Oprah sat down Mitt and Ann Romney for an interview at their lake front house in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. The interview will run in her own magazine, O, the Oprah Magazine.

This interview is quite a surprise to the media and those who have been following the presidential election. Oprah Winfrey is one of Obama’s fervent supporters. It is even said that her campaigns for him in 2007 were one of the major contributing factors to his victory in 2008.

Though this election, she has opted to stay out of Obama’s campaign trail. She has a network to fix, she says. Oprah has been having issues with her own OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network). But she insists, she is still behind Obama a hundred percent. She still believes in him and respects him.

One of the other reasons why this interview is a surprise because, in 2008 she declared that she will have no other candidate on her show. When Drudge Report published an item in 2008 saying she will interview one of the vice presidential candidates, Sarah Palin on her show, she dismissed it. She said she will not use her show as a platform for any other candidate. She even expressed interest to have Palin on her show after the campaign, but not during which makes the happenings of 2012 very interesting. This interview is perhaps one of Romney’s attempts to keep the attention away from his finances and focus on his family and the rest of his campaign. Obama’s campaigners unearthed more information about Romney’s offshore accounts and suddenly the spot light was on his wealth.  Romney has been under a lot of pressure about his offshore accounts and he not releasing his tax returns has not really helped. A poll conducted by Gallup revealed that twenty percent of his voters are likely to not vote for him because of his wealth.

This week he will resume ruthless campaigning and might even launch his own attack on Obama.

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