Parental Mishaps Based On a Broken Human Spirit

Adults that want to procreate should be very cautious.  It is disturbing that today parents try to manipulate their children into reaching plateaus that they themselves were shamefully never able to climb to; it is all too familiar that there are so many adults across the world that are pissed off that they will never stand at that figurative mountaintop, unable to envision the culmination of their blood, sweat and tears.  As a result, when these broken-spirited grown-ups have the opportunity to control and influence the succession of their own blood to follow a certain path in life, it is based solely on the unfortunate underlying disaster that they want a little puppet to live vicariously through.  Some call this just good old fashioned parenting but I like to call it the enslavement of pitiful baggage, or in other words cursed ambition to live up to.

Children are born innocent into a very dangerous world where eventually they will be preyed upon so it is imperative that parents never let their seeds be naïve and victim to a variety of harsh consequences that theyexperienced as confused youths, torturing them as they limped on the road to a de-attached adulthood.  Nonetheless, it is for certain that somewhere along the parental timelinethese empty, full-grown souls with crushed, deflated egostake one look at their beautiful, jolly child and make the alarming decision to not leave this earth defeated so that when they eventually enter heavens gates they will have left a part of them (a child who is against the world) that achieves and conquers the ideals of the quest that they spent years laboring over leaving them in misery and misunderstood in God’s eyes.

In Christianity, there is a passage that claims us adults all should be meek when we look above and wish to serve the one and only lord as his obedient, radiant children.  If this is true, then why in hell should parents get all high and almighty condemning their own children, committing spiritual treason where they force their little angels to cry and feel inadequate unless they don’t start preparing themselves to become successful men or women who will be doomed to blindly protect their parents sinful ways and defend some code of honor that they will never be able to grasp unless until they realize that their pathetic parents are torn leaving them destitute to correct the error in their ways; before you have a child think twice before damning them to resurrect your ego’s wishes because it defies the laws of the universe that bleeds for soul-recognition, freedom of independent expression, and loyalty not to parents but their subconscious where true morality and love prevails.  Children should always be allowed to be at peace and not have to resurrect their parent’s narcissistic wishes.  Let’s let our children live care-free and support them in whatever endeavor they might choose, as long as it serves to protect the integrity of a supreme God, who has his own battles to fight for all of us.

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